What’s the end goal?  What are the constraints?

Our vision for the next year is a fully paid off life, embedded in our community, with the time and money freedom needed to be active contributors in the place where we live.

Our goal, over the next year, to help make that happen, is to pay off all our “debts”, where debts are things like mortgages, construction loans, and unfinished projects or disorganized things (i.e. things we are putting off).   The analogy of tech debt is sort of an inspiration here, but we’re applying it the rest of our life.

We want to build a platform for engaging with our community through hospitality (and going out and doing things) as well as build a strong family life.

We also came up with some constraints that can be part of our vision along the way.

  1. Live with integrity (keep our values in order, reflected on calendar and bank account)
  2. Keep up our spiritual practices (or strengthen them) “What does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul?” – we’re not even talking about the whole world here.
  3. Major decisions involve both spouses
  4. Time for family and marriage takes priority
  5. Honor friendships (do not neglect friends, even though you have less time for them)
  6. Don’t go broke
  7. Stay here (i.e. selling everything doesn’t count as “getting out of debt”)

This is going to require some rethinking of assumptions, since I assume starting a business requires about 200 hours per week and putting on your grindset.

So this is more or less the level of definition that we have.  End of year we have about 1M in debt paid off, and we haven’t burnt our lives to the ground.






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