Facing the Unknown

I had a hard conversation about lots of things with the VP of engineering, and even briefly pitched the idea of using my current team as a case study for the improvements I’d like to make with my prospective business partner in such a way that we could use it as a platform for what comes next.  And he also validated the value that it would have if we were able to double the throughput, or more, of a software team.

And it all went pretty well.  There was some openness, and some real possibility, and I think there is maybe a path forward there, where I can keep my current job for a while and also keep developing this other business idea.  Whether or not that is how things will go, only God knows at this point.  I’m trying to be open and honest.

Today was long, and neither of us slept, so I’m barely squeaking this post in right before bed.  But I wanted to capture that doing the big scary thing turned out well.

And maybe tomorrow I will be able to do another big scary thing, and figure out what I would write to some SaaS companies to see if I can further validate some concepts and ideas.  Can I write an email that is compelling enough to get a response, and not be deleted (like almost every email I get from rando’s in my work email is)?






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