Solving your problems, even little ones.  Just replaced the screens in our sun porch with pet proof screens so that our kitten stops tearing out of it.

I sent the emails yesterday.  Today, I feel a bit discouraged, as though this is just more or less impossible, and that I will have to do a ton more work to gain credibility.  I haven’t even waited for Monday to come so I can actually say everyone ignored my emails.  I sent them on Friday afternoon, after all.

This is just silly.  The right path is likely to just do as much as I can to create a credible presence.  Writing about what works, what doesn’t work, and establishing myself as an expert on the subjects.  

There is a lot that you can do before you start doing data-driven experimentation.  And I can probably find a job with someone with whom my opinions resonate before I am able to get proof that what I propose actually works better.

Discouragement -> inaction -> guaranteed failure.

Recommit -> take action -> possibility.






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