Someday Goals

Husband wants me to commit to blogging every day.  How do I feel about that?  I want to be good at writing.  I want to be really good at writing.  I so much want to be good at writing…that I don’t write.  Pretty much ever.  I never feel like I have the time, focus, energy, and quiet necessary to produce something great. Writing is a someday goal for me- the thing that I think I want to do and even sometimes say I want to do, but somehow…never actually get around to doing.

I think a lot of people have these someday goals.  Husband and I were recently talking about why people don’t actually do the things they say they want to do.  Why they use words like “eventually” and “ideally,” but don’t seem to be taking any steps toward that eventual and ideal future.  What good are they hoping to capture by not pursuing their dreams?

It’s a lot less scary to be an aspiring writer than a bad writer.  

By keeping our dearest aspirations on the back burner, by telling ourselves that we would do it, if we could do it, but now is just not the time…we preserve something.  I’m not sure exactly what it is, and I’m not sure I’m going to figure it out with a 1 year old literally climbing all over me and the computer and punching random keys on the keyboard as I try to write.  But at least I’m trying.  I can say I wrote something today.  I can’t say it’s great.  But it exists.  And it’s good to exist!

I’ll write more tomorrow.






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