Talking about Your Goals

Sometimes I feel a bit hungover after I discuss my goals.  Like sharing them, casually, dissipates them.  Like some of the power of action goes out of you, as though you’ve actually done them.

And then, answering people’s questions can feel tiresome, since you don’t know all the answers yet.

What good is all this talking?  At this point, it is more distraction, more inaction.

Next step – start writing about the subjects that interest me.  Build up a framework of what a healthy software company looks like.  Make it specific.  Perhaps re-read some of my favorite books on these subjects, and start painting a picture.  Start telling stories.  Start getting specific on how we can measure success, both the what and how.

It’s all very doable, I just need to stop looking for success to jump up and get me like an over-excited dog when its master walks in the door.  I have to strengthen my desire, and keep what I’m doing in my mind so that it starts to feel more real.






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