So I don’t have any coaching for almost 3 weeks due to the holiday season.  What am I supposed to do with that?

I’ll tell you what I’m doing.  I’m going through the same pre-coaching questions, looking at what seems good, making some commitments, and putting dates on them.

I am recommitting to my vision, and putting it back into my head, and accepting the fact that the gaps between here and there are bigger than I originally thought they were.

I’m paying a lot of money for someone else to be the helpful person who advocates for my interests when you feel like maybe you should let all your dreams die, because maybe it’s hard or maybe you’re busy or maybe maybe maybe there’s a good excuse or reason to stop trying or having desires.

Could I do this for myself?  Probably, with practice.   That’s the goal.  Find my limits, push harder, learn how to do it on my own, then maybe I can help others blow open their lives and see what they can do too.

The amount of freedom God gives us is staggering, and the power we have is unbelievable.  All of these also exist in these fragile fleshy bodies with broken minds.  Can I open myself up to God’s healing when I find all these cracks in myself?  Can I find the lies and reject them?  Can I learn how to exert myself AND stay peaceful?

That’s the real challenge, and maybe what I’m really after.  But I also don’t want a mortgage, and I want to make a real impact in the world, just to find out if I can.






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