Honoring Friendships

This evening, I had some friends over, to sit around the fire and talk.  While in some sense, I don’t have this time if I’m going to be hustling and accomplishing all these huge goals, it was one of the major constraints of my vision.  To not neglect my friendships, or my wife, or my kids.

I am keeping these priorities, and see them as essential.  What good is it if we build a business but have no one to share life with?

One of the themes of our discussion was giving all your desires to God.  Pointing everything back to what’s primary.  Pointing everything to the one who calls us out of our complacency, out into the wild, out into adventure.  Allowing our striving to be directed, ultimately, to what is good, and to ordering our lives and our striving ultimately to Him.

If I were to make my goals all about me, and to simply go after material success, it would be a fruitless and vain endeavor, ultimately about self-gratification, which would accomplish nothing.

What I want is for this striving to be a source of transformation and grace, to show myself, and others, what we are capable of when we do not sit complacently but reach for something.  

So far, the fruits of this striving has been to find the cracks in myself, and where the struggles are, and what kinds of beliefs I have that are keeping me from using my talents fully.

I hope that these friendships are strengthened and deepened by what I gain, and that these fruits also help those I love to grow in their own lives and in their own goals, which ultimately will help us all to become who God wants us to be.






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