This was supposed to be a travel blog

This was supposed to be a travel blog.  In fall of 2018, I got the urge to do something crazy.  I convinced husband that we should take our kids (then 4 and 1.5) to Europe.  We thought it might be our last chance for a long time, since European travel might be near impossible if we were blessed with a third child.  It was really hard, and really annoying, and really loud, and extremely fun, memorable, and satisfying.

We got excited about doing hard things and taking our family on adventures.  We were going to travel, we were going to explore, we were going to share the beauty of creation with our children, and with the world.  We were going to start a blog!  I can’t even remember exactly what we were planning to do, because it all fell apart, and life was very hard and confusing for the next 3 years.

A month or two after we got back from our Europe trip, husband got sick.  And he was sick for the next year, on and off.  His mysterious health issues took over our life for more than a year.  I was afraid to plan anything, afraid to commit to anything, lest I have to cancel and let people down, or change the arrangements I had made.  And I was afraid he would die.  The mysterious health problems eventually mysteriously resolved, but by then, we were in 2020.  And we all know how that went.






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