Choosing Overwhelm

When there’s too much to do, and not enough time in the day, and there’s just no way you can figure out what’s next…. how do you respond?

Wait a minute!

Step back further. Are any of the first things I said even ‘facts’? Are they indisputably real?

We choose, at a very basic level, how we interpret everything. We are creating our own experiences.

Seeing this is not something that comes immediately. Often, we become aware of our choices at closer to surface level. However, by reflecting and meditating on what’s happening interiorly, we can start to see that we are actually capable of choosing all the way down to the level of our perceptions. What is “a lot to do in a day”? What is “too much”? What is “bad”?

Do we choose to be overwhelmed? Or do we choose to find another way of seeing what’s in front of us?

If you’re irritated by this question, I invite you to be curious about your own response.






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