Missed a Commitment

I missed a commitment to make 5 products for my online store. I have more than 5 concepts and ideas and almost done things. But I don’t have 5 actual products in my store.

I’m recommitting to doing that, and breaking it down into actions, instead of projects.

You can’t commit to a project, but you can commit to an action.

Tangential Thought: Procrastination-Driven Accomplishments

I once read somewhere about a guy who everybody thought was extremely accomplished and productive.

He said his secret was he procrastinated a lot. He found something he wanted to do but dreaded doing, then used that to make himself do all sorts of things he dreaded a bit less.

At some point, he found a thing he dreaded more than his current dread, so he procrastinated by doing the thing he previously dreaded.

In short, it’s possible to take your dysfunction, and turn it into fuel.

In that vein, I’ve gotten _so much done_ over the last week.

Total BS

You can “get a lot done” and still be in the exact same place you’re in. There are a lot of accomplishments that don’t bring you further to your goals or change your life in a way that matters to you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have an impact in some area, but it does mean that you’re not being intentional, and therefore giving up your power over your own life.

And really, do you want to take action from a place of avoidance?

An aspiration I have is to see Fear as an Invitation to Action. Discomfort as Enticing. Obstacles as Opportunity.

I’m already starting to see some massive levers that I can put my finger on in other areas of life. Now, what lever will move myself…






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