Meta’s not my friend (and is the worst)

As I was describing how Facebook hates me to a friend, I tried to log into my instagram account to get started on an ad campaign, only to have Meta hate on me some more, trying to do the exact same thing again.

Somehow I convinced the platform I’m a bot or something, because it won’t let me have an account to also access my store page from. (What if I am a bot? How do I know I’m not a bot? What if it’s not Meta that’s wrong… maybe I should do some quick turnarounds). And then my friend used an old FB account to try to help me out by creating my store page, and his account immediately got flagged.

And there is no appeal process or human contact of any kind.

Look, if you want to make a VR/AR company because you want a different reality, could it at least be a better reality?

Still a great day

I probably should end on a more positive note.

Today’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. It is a beautiful feast day. We are blessed to be Catholic.

And I also learned that I shouldn’t spend money on Meta’s websites. Perhaps Elon will take my dollars.






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