Fever-blogging again

Today was kind of rough. I tried to keep the baby on fever medicine, because yesterday his fever got kind of scary-high. Scary to me, at least, I feel like crap with a 99F fever, but husband and the boys in our family regularly get like 102, or 103F fevers and it’s not hospital-worthy or anything.

So instead of sleeping all day, he fussed all day, and wanted a lot more from me than just lying next to him like a floor potato. He also wanted to nurse all day, which felt like a lot, given that I was struggling to peel myself off the floor to feed and medicate myself and him.

But it’s fine. This happens from time to time, and it feels like everything is falling apart, because it kind of is, but it’s not so hard to put it back together once I’m not a floor puddle. Onward, to a non-floor puddle existence!






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