What did I do today?

I still feel super sick. I have lingering bronchitis, and it seems to be getting worse instead of better. Last night 9 year old was sick, so she was sleeping in the living room, which meant that I couldn’t sleep in the living room, so I woke up the baby with my incessant coughing, and baby did not want to go back to sleep.

What did I accomplish today? I got to Mass, and semi-successfully wrangled 3 year old (who really really wanted to go with me, and who, when I assented, I imagined peacefully sitting in my lap like a little heater for poor bronchitis riddled me, buy who actually ran around dancing to “King of Glory” like a little crazy person, etc).

I picked up a Walmart order with some stuff we really needed for today, and then went to Home Depot and procured our Christmas tree while 3 year old ran around like a crazy person again.

I did a few chores, made dinner for my family, read the first few chapters of a book that husband asked me to read.

I also spent much of the day lying in bed or couch, feeling drained of energy.

What is the point of this? The point is, I’m trying to think of something to write because I’m trying to write every day. But beyond that, I guess the point is, even on a day where I am sleep deprived and health deprived, I did manage to get a few important things done. Although I sort of wonder if that’s a good thing.

Do we measure the value of our days by how many tasks we accomplished? How should we measure the value of our days?






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