You contribute to the situation you say you don’t want

We complain over here a lot. About how our house is a mess, and our yard is a mess.

To be fair, our kids are harbingers of chaos. They seem to break everything, and they don’t respect the rules.

Who’s raising those kids, anyway?


Let’s not point fingers here…

The point is, all the things we complain about, we have something to do with.

We aren’t effectively training the kids. We aren’t committed to setting the boundaries. They eventually will give up and respect the boundaries if we do it, but in some cases, we don’t.

We want our house and yard to be clean. But we don’t create standards for ourselves that make that happen. Or for our kids for what they need to contribute.

We’re not committed. We’re not doing it.

But we are certainly not committed to making those things happen consistently.

And so we have bursts of productivity followed by long periods of things falling apart again.

Then, when we’re irritated enough, we do it again.

It’s quite disheartening.

But at least… we can be honest with ourselves now, and recognize that we are choosing for our life to be this way. It is not being inflicted on us. We are not the victims here. We are agents of change pointing our change-agent powers in other directions.

Or maybe we’re agents of change who are scattering our focus in too many directions to make real progress on anything?

Either way, it’s up to us if we want it to be different. Our life is the way we want it to be.






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