Radical Honesty

Shockingly, my son told me, when I asked him why he didn’t hear what his mother told him to do, “I don’t like to listen. I like doing what I’m doing”

If only we were that transparent with our motivations, perhaps we’d get somewhere.

I’m working on creating a social media presence. It’s tedious and I kind of hate it, and maybe it’s because there’s a real yuck factor to the whole thing. Something about it feels gross. And I wonder if maybe the thing that feels gross is the thing that always feels gross when I want to sell something or in some way promote myself.

“If you were really talented, you wouldn’t even need to. You only have to do marketing because you’re not really that good. You shouldn’t be tricking people into buying whatever you’re selling, it’s not right.”

This is a bunch of crazy up there that just came out of my head. And it’s also quite related to the “you already should be good” lie. As in, you’re in a gap between good and just starting out, and you see that you’re not good, and you don’t want to be there.

I loved that section in Beyond High Performance because it was a great reminder of this truth I have heard before, and come to before. You have to stop thinking you’re already supposed to be good if you want to get better. You have to stop thinking you’re supposed to look good if you want to actually practice from where you are right now.

Cutting through your own nonsense is the hardest part of the game, and it’s where most of us get stopped in our tracks.






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