BSing yourself

I thought I had pretty high integrity because I never committed to things I wasn’t 100% sure I could do.

All of my commitments came with little disclaimers, which were basically to say “I can’t predict the future”.

That’s fine, except it also means my commitments don’t count for much. I am not telling anyone (much less myself) that I can be counted on to do things.

And of course, this means that when I make commitments to myself, I don’t necessarily believe it.

So I basically almost never made real commitments.

That meant that people could never make real plans around my output. Always a “wait and see”. “Maybe he’ll deliver? He said he had a good chance of it, but he wouldn’t commit to a time”.

Not amazing.

My commitment is to start making commitments without maybes attached to them. Yes should mean yes, and no should mean no.

You can still honor your word (i.e. put it out there and hold it up) even if you can’t keep it. But you have to do something about not keeping it. You have to fix that.

I need to make stronger commitments to myself. Fierce commitments.






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