Missed A Day; 3 Laws of Performance

Missed yesterday. Oops.

I bought The Three Laws of Performance because the synopsis of the book itself was so good.

There is so much more in it than I expected.

What’s especially interesting is how central a role language has in everything humans do (or don’t do), even the things in our subconscious.

As a Catholic, I can of course not help but think of The Word, and the fact that “the Word was made flesh”.

That’s a principle that Metanoia Catholic often brings up.

To summarize the book in a paragraph:

We do what makes sense to us based on how things occur to us. Things occur to us due to the language we use, much of which we are not aware of (unconscious). A new future can change how things occur to us, and thus our performance, after we clear out the clutter of the unsaid and unaware that is shaping how things occur to us.

The amazing thing about that is that most of us will read it, and say “That’s interesting” and then go back to business as usual.

I am committed to being someone who stays aware of how I am creating the life I live and my power to change it.






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