New Year: Stop Stopping

In Straight Line Leadership, Dusan Djukich says a way to increase your effectiveness is to just stop stopping.

As we go through this difficult time, of stomach flus, bronchitis, etc, and now the wife seems to have a mild case of pneumonia (she’s heading to urgent care this morning to find out, b/c it’s New Year’s Day), the temptation to stop is really strong.

“There’s just too much. We shouldn’t have started. We shouldn’t have added this to our plate. Things got a little different from the time we set out, so it’s really not something we should be doing right now.”

These are all “true” thoughts, in the sense that they could be true if we choose them.

But they’re also just choices we get to make right now. Do we stop or are we just delayed because things are coming up?

And though we are delayed, does that mean we can’t make any progress, or we simply have to adjust the pace so we can sustain it?

You may get slowed down, because life is what it is with a family. But – we don’t need to stop. We can stop stopping.






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