Hello, blog

I’ve been sick and tired.

First, I got the flu about 4 weeks ago. That led to bronchitis, which has lingered and lingered. Then the stomach flu at Christmas. Then the bronchitis flared back up and I injured my rib cartilage coughing. And then yesterday morning my back muscles freaked out and I was stuck in bed for a day. It’s been a whole thing. So that’s where I’ve been. Just trying to survive the saga.

Time to get back on track? Where is the track? I feel a little mixed up and myopic. I tend to retreat into focusing on the day to day, mundane aspects of keeping the house and the family running. And that’s really important stuff. But without the farther view, it turns into something resembling a hamster on a wheel. We need a direction, and we need a vision for what our life can be.

I ordered a shoe rack/bench thingy, so we can work toward our vision of being civilized people who have place for their shoes, and it seems to be having a shipping malfunction. First, it said it was delivered, then it said it shipped, and now it says its delayed/not yet shipped. This happened the last time we ordered a thingy to help us be civilized people who have places for their stuff! More or less.

Is it accurate that every time we try to progress toward the people we aspire to be, we meet up with resistance and are foiled in our attempts? Is that even what’s happening? Or is that what we’re seeing? And if that really is what’s happening, then what are we supposed to do? I think we might be letting ourselves get foiled too easily. Is there no other small cabinet for homeschooling supplies that we can put next to the piano? In the whole world? Is there no other suitable shoe rack/bench thingy in the whole world? Was that the last one?! We don’t live in Italy- there is more than one steak.

Maybe when things don’t work out, we just need to stay calm and try another thing.






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  1. mr Avatar

    You’re amazing, I like your face, and our shoes are no match for you.

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