Learning to Coach – 2 Session Retrospective

So in an attempt to learn some skills I could use in service of my consulting venture (i.e. transforming organizational performance) I decided I would try coaching someone I knew.

First session – great. Second session – not great.

In fact, the feedback during the second session was that we spent a ton of time on a topic he didn’t find that thrilling.

How did I contribute to that? Was I 100% committed to serving his interests and goals? Did I occur to him as doing that? Or did I blow it somehow?

I think I blew it on the end. I was digging into a small thing because I sensed a pattern, and we found something that is significant. Yay!

But then I lost the thread, and didn’t help him create something powerful on the other side of that. Boo!

So – after you find the gold, what do you do? How do you help them turn that into actions, or apply a change?






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