Stop Faffing About

It’s British. It only sounds dirty.

To be honest, it might be, because you know those British.

“If you say that someone is faffing about or faffing around, you mean that they are doing things in a disorganized way and not achieving very much.” – is what the internet says this means.

What’s the confront? (to use an odd phrase)

What is the thing that ultimately must be faced in order to make progress?

(MRS points out that my sub-title “Self-abusive” in my last post could be taken to mean something that “faffing” might also sound like.)

Are you facing the big scary thing that has to be done?

What’s the big scary thing? It’s building the relationships with the other executives in the company. It’s building the relationships with other people who might be allies in my quest to make lots of money.

Why don’t I do this? Why haven’t I so far?

Up until now, I didn’t want to seem self-promoting, so I just connected in whatever capacity seemed natural and when it seemed natural. From now on, I will create opportunities to connect with the core decision makers at work so that I can have more influence and credibility.

I need to have powerful conversations if I am going to make a powerful proposal.






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