Flailing or Plodding

For a few days, I’ve been a bit worked up. Things are crazy and nothing seems to be working.

The question is maybe “What am I getting out of that?”

The answer? I want to rest. I want to take a break and give myself some recharge.

But I’ve never related to work as something you… take breaks from. I relate to is as the thing you do until you’re finished. And so then if I have work that needs to be done, I will often just burn out continuing.

At the same time, to avoid that, I often see lots of things as “not my job”, and I might do them, but I don’t see them as what I am committed to doing. So I will easily take breaks from the things that “aren’t my job”… so that I can recharge.

What if, instead of needing to get myself worked up, I just took a break?

Or if I’m tired, just decided to plod along slowly, without pushing myself so hard that I am struggling.

Accept where I’m at today, and just keep moving forward.

Is the most important thing – be at peace?






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