No Fun, No Wins

Well, no wins in relation to our goal of paying off debt.

Tons of wins on the personal growth level. Lots of action. Lots of scary things.

But I’m still relating to most of it as pushing myself, and myself has been getting burned out a bit lately, with all the things going on that I’m not going into.

So it’s time to remember that if you’re not having fun, you’re probably not on the right course. You might have the right goal, but the way you’re trying to get there is probably not the right one, because your energy is all gummed up.

How can I come from a place of happiness and contentment instead of from a place of dissatisfaction?

My way of going after things usually involves being unhappy with something enough that I will get off my butt and do something.

But given the gap between here and where I want to be, that means I will have to be unhappy for a good long time. And that’s going to put a strain on everybody.

So how do I have fun? How do I come from a place of contentment? How do I both make big commitments and also enjoy them? And enjoy doing the things?

What kind of game can I make out of this?

These are the questions I need to answer, so that I can put myself into a more resourceful state.

Anxiety and stress makes you stupid. I need to be creating from a free and safe place, rather than a place of anxiety and wanting.






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