Fear and Loathing

What are you afraid of?

Do you even have the courage to find out?

Do you secretly hate yourself for cowering away from what you’re really going after?

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone.

I recently had a great call with my coach, where I asked him, based on what we’ve been looking at, how I’m getting in my own way the most.

At the end, “I’m hedging a bit, risking offense, I experience you as cowardly”

This has also been coming up in prayer as well.

My greatest fault is cowardice.

Interestingly, I do a lot of things that other people might be afraid of.

I have no problem doing public speaking. I am able to have difficult conversations with people about tough topics. I ran my own business for years. I like trying new things.

But underneath it all, there’s some deep fears, some things that keep me stuck. The things I am papering over with a lot of external successes to prove to myself I’m actually brave.

My new resolution: I am going to reflect and find things that I’m afraid of. And I’m going to do things with a reasonable chance of those things happening.

What are my fears?

Some that I have identified: Rejection. Public humiliation. Injuries. Physical pain. Mockery. Being dismissed.






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