Who do I decide to be?

Reading about TBOLITNFL got me thinking about “Who I am” again.

It’s a really interesting thing.

Our future is created by the actions we take today. Now.

What we do now happens because of how the situations around us occur to us. What looks possible.

Part of what is possible comes from who we are.

But who we are is not static. Nor is it completely given to us.

God gives us an immense freedom in deciding how we will be.

The Mrs. was telling me about some alzheimer’s patients who become really sweet and loving as they lose their memories, even though they were a bit sour underneath.

It reminds me of how we all have thoughts we use to protect ourselves and that often comes out in ways that are less than kind to others. If we forget those things, who would we be?

So then, if I were to let go of some of those thoughts that make me who I am now, and then look at where I want to be…

Who would I declare myself to be? What kind of person has what I want?

How do I live like that person today? What does that person do in my circumstances?

Because your circumstances change due to your actions, and your actions come from who you are being, so if you decide who you will be, you will start to change your circumstances and your actions and everything changes.

Of course, you have to persist against your environment, your habits, and all the baggage you’ve accumulated in your mind from your experiences and your anxieties.

But if you realize how you’re feeling isn’t what’s truest about yourself, you can be something new from now on.

There’s something about who you are that God gives you. How do you tune into that? How do you find the fullest expression of it?

You have to go deep until you find the declaration of who you will be right now that is true and also new. Something you are afraid to acknowledge in yourself.

It’s tricky work, but fortunately you can mess it up and keep going, because failing is part of the process.






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