Doing versus Evaluating

Where is your focus?

On the thing you are doing, or on figuring out if you’re doing the thing you’re doing well?

On the outcome you want, or on how you look when you’re trying to get there?

Simply being mindful and present, and removing your thoughts from the situations in which they shouldn’t be there will change the way you perform entirely.

We get in our own ways when we try to see if we are doing what we want to do instead of just doing it.

Mindfulness is one way to do this. Peace and simplicity is where we need to be.

Living now, in the moment, without anxiety about the next hour. Knowing that we have put everything in place for ourselves to get to our goals so that we can focus on just what we’re doing now, and not carry the weight of the future.

All our plans are laid out somewhere that isn’t our mind. We don’t need to keep checking in to see if we’re on track.

This only works if you have somewhere else to do your planning and to build your future. Otherwise it’s going to crowd out what you’re doing right now. All the time.






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