The path is always there

I’ve been avoiding the critical tasks, critical conversations, critical activities for starting a business.

It’s really simple – find a customer.

But instead of all that, I’ve been doing a lot of other activities that are like that but not that.

When you find yourself drifting away from what you were going to do, do you say something like “See? That’s it! It proves it. I suck, and I can’t do things.”

Or do you simply gently redirect your attention back to what you are trying to do?

The path is always there, ready for you to take another step.

The struggle isn’t usually on the path, but with the parts of yourself that keep trying to convince yourself the path isn’t what it is, and that you shouldn’t be on that path.

“I’m not good enough to be on that path”

“I don’t have what it takes”

None of that matters. It’s just a story you’re telling yourself.

Just take the next step.

Your energy could be used walking instead of harassing yourself for not walking.

Gently bring your attention and your action to what should be done.

Take a step on the path.






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