Next Steps

What’s the next step?  Work backwards.

We want to have a million dollars, roughly, at the end of one year.  What does that business look like?

It means we have to 1) create  a business and sell it at a multiple at the end of a year, or 2) create a business that averages 80k / month in profit over the course of one year.  

So one way or another, we need our business to get off the ground and start accelerating rather quickly.

What kinds of businesses have explosive potential?   Or massive cash flow potential?

We came up with a couple dozen (mostly vague) ideas for how to make money.

This ranges from a lot of different online businesses to building software to starting a brewery or coffee shop or restaurant to writing books, to creating subscription boxes to selling drugs (just kidding, but the money is there) to just hiring myself out at really high rates for something very valuable.

We do have some top contenders, which leverages my experience developing software, as well as improving the performance of the teams I had the privilege to lead.  

Let’s see where we land.






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