When the Problems Are Exciting

I had a couple conversations today about my consulting idea, and the people I was talking to kept bringing up problem after problem that would be hard to solve.

And for a lot of them, I kept getting really excited.  Because I liked those problems.  I know they’re hard, but I want to solve them.

I have a vision of a software developer telling me, after I spend a few months working in their organization “I didn’t know that work could feel this good while also being this productive.  I didn’t think this would all work out so well, but I am surprised to say that I am getting a lot more done, I like working in this codebase more, and our team is so well aligned with the organization that there’s almost no thrashing.  There’s not so much negative pressure pushing us, and instead we are finding out what we can do, and driving improvements for our team and our customers constantly.  I didn’t know I could like work so much!”

I know that this is possible, because I have been in organizations that worked well and were sane.

Sadly, most software development organizations seem completely insane to me.

I want to find out if I’m right about that and figure out how to make my thesis about what would work better into a falsifiable and testable experiment that I can run, and then when I have shown it at a couple companies, I think it could be huge.






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