Will to Shower

If you asked me what is the most important thing to accomplish in a day, what makes me feel like a human, nay, like a superhuman, what one thing that, if checked off my list, makes me feel like countless other things are possible–I’d say, getting a shower in the morning.  And yet.  Most days I don’t manage to fit a shower into my morning, and I go through the day busy and grumpy and probably a little stinky, moving from one thing to the next to the next, because somehow, I made all the other priorities for the day come first.  Let’s unpack that.  

My priority= morning shower

Things that I give precedence over my priority=pretty much everything else that I need to do in a day.  I tried making a list, but it was a long and interminable list, and consisted of pretty much every other action that I engage in.  Including things like folding laundry and doing dishes.

So is it really my priority?  Why don’t we do the things that we say are important to us?  Why am I dragging myself through the day, feeling like 50%, and telling myself (and my husband) that it’s inescapable, and that I just had too many important things to do (for other people) to fit in the one thing that would make me feel like 200%?  

What could I accomplish if I felt like 200% all the time?  That’s kind of intimidating.  Maybe I can get into this more tomorrow-it’s bedtime.






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