(untitled) Nov 18

I bought the thing I want to sell online, tried it out, and discovered that I hate using it.  So that’s an opportunity.  If I hate it, others probably do, and if I can make it just a tiny bit more pleasant to use, then that’s a problem solved, and an opportunity to market it effectively.  But right now it just feels like, why would someone ever want to use one of these things, and why did I think it would be a good idea to sell them?

On top of that, I sat down the other day to work on some rough designs for artwork for the thing I want to sell online, and I discovered…I’m not a designer.  I’m not sure if this is one of those moments where you should realize your limitations and focus your energy in other directions, or you should just push through and be the best bad designer you can be.  Is it hard because I need to work at it, or is it hard because it’s not my particular gift?  Husband said something the other day about how if you force a fish to climb a tree, he’ll be really grumpy…or something.  Fish are meant to swim, and if you judge them by their arboreal scaling prowess, of course they’re going to look stupid.  But we also just feel stupid when we try something for the first time.  I think maybe I’m overthinking again.  

I’m going to go draw some pictures.  I committed to making 3 rough designs by this afternoon.






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