Making this blog Real

If you are reading this blog, you likely do not know that its posts have been living in a Google Doc for almost a month.


Because rather than put up artificial barriers to the commitment of writing every day, we decided we would just start writing every day, and start putting the posts out when we finally got everything set up.  

As of this writing, I am still writing in a Google Doc.  

But now, instead of it being a way to keep momentum, it is feeling like a huge momentous task to transfer these over, and it is becoming less real rather than more real, sitting in this Google Doc.

As a small act of faith that our efforts are not entirely pointless, we are committing to publish this.

And if you’re discovering this blog, and never saw this post, you might not have known the compromises we made at the beginning to just get started.  

By the time you read this, you may never have seen the “Sample Page” in the menu we left for at least a month, the fact that we didn’t change from the default theme for (when are we doing that?), etc..

It’s so easy to see things done in a finished state, and look at that massive gap, and say “I can’t do that”.  

A big gap is just a lot of little gaps all stacked up.  If you start crossing each one, you’ll usually find there’s a place in the middle of every jump to land.






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