My 6-year old son just threw up again, after 2 days clear.

Perhaps it’s the tail end? Or he got too stoked about food before his body was ready?

Other again…

So all this second-guessing and doubt keeps coming up with the coaching and the process.

I finally found a big source of it. It has to do with the self-actualization movement in the 70s and Werner Erhard. He, and his acolytes, seem to believe that there is no meaning in anything outside of us. The universe means nothing, but that means you get to make up your own meaning.

That’s dumb. But what’s interesting is that they do have some insights into how people work that seem true.

We do make up meaning. Sometimes we find it where it actually is. But other times, and more frequently, we give events and things meanings they don’t actually have.

And in that discovery lies great freedom.

If Sally telling you you’re ugly in 2nd grade doesn’t actually mean there’s something wrong with you and you need to try to be good-looking to cover it up for the rest of your life, you might be able to choose a different way to relate to that.

And that is powerful.

So on, into the coaching, I go. I feel compelled (perhaps by the Holy Spirit) to continue disentangling the truth from the lies. This all seems very valuable to me, but infected with dire errors about the nature of reality and man. If I didn’t feel like there was some real treasure here, I would have given it up quite a while ago, but I keep feeling like I need to explore this to the end.

So back to it.






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