Commitments – Doing the Reps

While I have at certain points felt like the commitments I’ve been making were burdensome, I am starting to notice something else.

I am trusting myself more and more to do what I say I will do in the future.

Which means when I make a plan to do something, I can see that I will carry it out.

This is starting to regenerate some energy and enthusiasm. It feels a lot like rebuilding a muscle, of making and keeping promises to myself.

I’m reminded of Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits, which was where I first found the idea of making and keeping commitments from long ago.

At some point, I started watering them down, and looking at contingencies, because I was getting burnt out for various reasons, and they felt burdensome.

What I am realizing now is that it wasn’t the commitments, but my lack of vision and creativity in pointing myself definitively into a future, and actually making it happen. It was all the second-guessing that was really burning me out.






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