What are you resisting?

I realized this morning, as I was having a sort of frantic feeling about some of the endeavors that I’m doing, that I believed that I had to struggle against failure.

Or struggle against my dreams not becoming real.

But what you resist persists, psychologically speaking.

If I am fighting against thinking about snacking, I am going to be thinking about snacking.

Likewise, fighting against an impending sense of things slipping through your fingers gives you the thought “things are slipping through my fingers”.

That, of course, affects how you show up because that becomes the way the situation occurs to you.

And then, of course, we live into these futures we are fighting against.

The solution, of course, is to simply let that thought drift through your mind unencumbered, and let it go. Place your attention elsewhere.

Fearing the thing that’s not happening is a good way to help that thing ruin your life, and also to make it more likely to be part of your future, in some way.






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