Getting to clarity

Will my current job become a client? What can I expect there? What will I be able to get?

As I’ve been having bolder conversations and asking for what I want, I haven’t been getting completely rebuffed. But I also wonder if it’s because a clear yes or no could risk me as an employee.

And of course, managers manage people, but to the interests of the organization.

Red lights aren’t failures. They’re clarity.

Get clear so you know what next.

I can’t help but feel I am wasting some time where I am.

But if I get clarity, then I can turn this into my case study quickly, even if I can’t get an immediate financial reward.

So – what do I do? Slow burn my work until I get a yes or no, or just go full throttle?

If I do the latter, I lose negotiating position to some extent (b/c you delivered already, we don’t have to pay you)

But if I do the former, I lose negotiating position to some extent (b/c where are the results, you are now less credible)

What other possibility is there? What if this isn’t a binary?






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